Day Before the Big Change :D

The day before the big change; change of eating, exercising, and feeling better about myself.  Feeling bad about myself and putting myself down ends tomorrow.  I am going to begin the no sugar and no carb diets.  I have an amazing support system behind me, and have hope that I will be able to do this.  I want to change and be healthier for myself and for my future.  I received some serious motivation from Anna and her battle with her weight.  I am looking forward to beginning my own adventure.

I come from a family that struggles with their weight.  I see how hard it is for them to lose weight in their older age, and I never want to get to that point of frustration.  In order to do that I need to start now.  All my life I have been a little chunky, but never enough for anyone to really call me obese or fat, yet inside I have felt like a terrible person.  I have hit a point, though, in my life at the age of 21, where I find it very important to feel better about myself and think about my future and how my health and wellness will affect it.  In the last two years, as weird as it is, I have gained one pound, but I have fluctuated with being healthy and not.This isn’t going to be just a diet for me its a life change.

I chose to do a blog because I have read that writing about your weight loss and battle really helps to keep you on track.  Also my friend Anna has done a blog and it seems to work for her as a support system in itself.  So tomorrow begins the new me, the better me, and the more confident me.  I will begin my adventure with a trip to the gym tonight to get a good workout in, and to begin on the right foot.

Thank you in advance for your support and motivation.  I really appreciate it because just like for anyone this isn’t going to be an easy road.

❤ Jackie

P.S:  This is a before picture of my mom and I.  I hope in a month or two to have a picture that shows results.

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”
Doug Firebaugh


1 thought on “Day Before the Big Change :D

  1. Good Luck Jack!! I love you and know you can do it! Just remember your body needs SOME carbs to function!!! Don’t go over board, take your time, and patience will prevail!

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