So frustration, frustration, frustration.   I have come to the conclusion that this lifestyle change makes me feel nothing but terrible about myself.  I think I need to do this slowly and not so aggressive as I have been trying cause I am back to where I was, and the only thing I have accomplished is a constant gym routine.  I have decided cutting out fast food, fried food, pop, and candy is a good start.

Lifestyle changes are hard but none should leave you in tears in your boyfriends car because you feel fat, and like no matter how hard you try you fail.  I have so much going on in my life right now with student teaching, graduation approaching, and growing up and becoming independent in general that my weight is the last thing I need to piss me off.  I really want to lose weight and become healthier.  But one step at a time.

Anna has really opened my eyes to the way I was doing things was : 1. unhealthy and 2. unresponsive.  It just wasnt working for me.  So here we go again the battle with weight.  This time, though, I am determined to win: one way or another.  It’s on!


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