Finding Something That Works

Well, it is officially not easy to lose weight.  I hate looking around and watching so many people drop pounds like it is nothing.  I always wonder to myself why don’t I have that motivation, why can’t I stay on track, or what is wrong with me?  I just don’t get it.  I want to lose weight and I know I have to, but why can’t I!!!!  I tried the no flour no sugar diet.  It just wasn’t for me.  I am more of a workout oriented dieter.  I love going to the gym and once im there it is a fun place for me to be.  I just feel like dieting makes me feel worse about myself and that by ligting and running I am gaining muscle that makes it look like I lost no weight.  So I have looked into the Special K diet.  It seems doable.  I just was wondering if anyone had any feedback.  I enjoy vegetables and fruits, and their products seem enjoyable.  I would love if someone could give me some feedback on this diet, and what you guys think.

I really appreciate all the support you have given me.  I just wish I could support myself.  It seems impossible for me to really be positive and not fall off the waggon, but it is really hard for me and my family to lose weight.  Please help me out!

❤ Jackie (aka the “I fell off the wagon, and I need to get back on”)


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