Sorry it’s been so long!!

So I haven’t fallen off the wagon just been so busy working to make money for our trip to FLORIDA!!!  I have lost a total of three pounds as of last week and have not weighted myself yet this week.  I have been eating right (no pop and no fast food) and exercising.  I just hit my first big goal and it was to run the park without stopping.  I know it sounds silly to some but it was a goal for me and I achieved it.

I am looking to do the hell run in September so I need to stay consistent with working out and running.  It gives me something to shoot for and I think it will be fun!!!  I am so thankful for everyone that has been supporting me.  Not to mention how proud I am of my dad who has taken the initiative too!!  He is a great man!! Well I am out for today but remember stay strong and take the time to take care of yourself.


“Your always one step ahead of the guy on the couch”


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